Dance Attic was formed in late 2014 by Suzi Ludwig (accordion, vocals) and Jimi Cooper (guitar, ukulele, vocals). Their quirky and unique musical tastes eventually evolved past jamming on old favorites and they soon began writing songs of their own. After working up a set list they decided to play their first live show but neglected to come up with a name for the duo.


          Luckily a friend came up with the name Dance Attic at their first show upon observing the music they perform has a dusty, old vibe, like the vintage records one might find in an attic. After taking swing dance lessons together, Jimi cleared some space in the attic of Suzi's barn to create a practice space for dancing. So the name Dance Attic was a perfect fit. 

          Their set list consists of many originals and old favorites ranging from old time country and polka to Italian and Norwegian instrumental pieces. Although their original music is hard to pin down to a particular genre, it is packed with old-time charm and fun. Together their energy and positivity radiate through their live performances. 

          Dance Attic released their debut album Cabin Fever in 2017. It's available on iTunes,  and at live shows. 



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