Lyrics from our upcoming album “Livin’ for Today” (2020)

My Little Pink Wazoo

Verse 1:

I’ve wrote so many songs in many different ways

Old time, new time, fast time, slow rhyme

Man they’re ok

But of all the songs that I really love the best

With my pink wazoo they’re better than the rest


My Little Pink Wazoo

My Little Pink Wazoo

My Little Pink Wazoo it’s comin’ after you!


Verse 2:

I tried the blue one first and the green one just for fun

Blue one, green one, red one, orange one

Thought I was done

But that pink wazoo well it really passed the test

‘Cause my pink wazoo is better than the rest



I had to pay my dues and practice all day long 

Sing the blues on my pink wazoo until the day was done

But now its paying off and I’m havin’ me a ball

The pink wazoo, well I’m tellin’ you, it’s the best of all


Verse 3:

Sometimes that gal o’ mine says put that thing away

Old hat, heard that, play flat, quit that

Give it a break

But then she comes around when I’m playin’ at my best 

She loves my pink wazoo, she’s better than the rest! 


Tax Man (He’s Gonna Getcha!)


Tax Man (He’s Gonna Gethcha) 4x

Verse 1:

Things went wrong all the money’s gone

All the birds and the bees gonna sing this song

They say ‘oh no, where the money all done gone?’

Verse 2:

We can’t blame you and we can’t blame me

Who we gonna blame well it’s plain to see

Its that tax man, all his money grows on trees


He comes around gonna shake you down

Fills his suitcase full then he’s outta town

Well he don’t care for you or me

He’s just evil as can be

Verse 3:

Well the sun comes up it’s another day

And he’s gonna make sure that we all pay

He’s the tax man, menace to society


Verse 4:

He taxed his ma and he taxed his pa

Well he’s the worst child that they ever saw

Such a bad seed, takin all the cash they need

Verse 5:

He’ll bring you stress from the IRS

Gonna make sure your whole life’s a mess

Better watch out, gonna (sure to) leave you in distress

Bridge 2:

You work all night and you work all day

But he’s gonna take everything away

Well he won’t leave you nothing to eat

Tax the shoes right off your feet

Verse 6:

He’ll tax the poor throw them out the door

And if you got a dime he’s gonna ask for more

He’s no good, rotten down to the the core


Chorus, Solo, Chorus

Livin’ for Today

Verse 1:

You spend your prime workin’ overtime

And you think about your future

Someday you’re gonna have a ball

But for now its work and no fun at all

Before you know it you’re growin’ old

You’ve always done what you’ve been told

And now you’re too old

Don’t get around much any more


That’s why I’m

Livin’ for today, yeah

Livin’ for today, well

I’m not wasting all of my time

Chasing nickels, chasing dimes, I’m just

Livin’ for today, yeah,

Livin’ for today, well

I’d just rather live my life today


Verse 2:

The corporate ladder that you try to climb

Is never satisfying

Just when you think you’re gonna drop

You climb some more but can’t reach the top

You make more money and you pile it high

You’re saving it all until the day you die

And then you buy a coffin

The best that money can buy

But I’m just, 



Solo, Double chorus 

Schweaty Lederhosen 

Verse 1:

Snuck out to the bar in my schweaty lederhosen

Didn't get to far in my schweaty lederhosen

Vife knows ver you are in your schweaty lederhosen

I didn't think she'd find me here

Oh dear!

Verse 2:

Dragged my butt back home in my schweaty lederhosen

Told me "Don't you roam!" in my schweaty lederhosen

Put me back to verk in my schweaty lederhosen

She had a list of chores for me

Oh gee!

Verse 3:

Vorkin' hard for free in my schweaty lederhosen

 Vhy'd she pick on me in my schweaty lederhosen

Choppin' up a tree in my schweaty lederhosen

Bent down and felt the seam let go


Verse 4:

Now I've got a tear in my schweaty lederhosen

Can see my undervear through my schweaty lederhosen

Need another pair oh my schweaty lederhosen

That's vat her chores have done to me


Verse 5:

Used to look so good in my schweaty lederhosen

I'd go out if I could in my schweaty lederhosen

Life would be so good in my schweaty lederhosen

Vife says she'll mend them up for me


Verse 6:

La-la-la-la-la in my schweaty lederhosen

La-la-la-la-la in my schweaty lederhosen

La-la-la-la-la in my schweaty lederhosen

Now I'm as happy as can be


Livin’ with a Bear 


I’m livin’ with a bear (I’m livin’ with a bear)

I’m living with a mean old country bear.

Well he’s six feet tall with a real mean growl

And he never combs his hair.

He wakes up with a grumble and he lumbers everywhere,

You might not care, but I’m livin’ with a bear.


Verse 1:

I grew up in a country home

Ordinary as can be.

Every day just like the next

Nothin’ ever happened to me.

Moved out on my own,

Got a grown-up job and a family.

Then one day, I nearly jumped out of bed,

It was a shock for me to see. I’m livin’ . . . [chorus]


Verse 2:

You might see me in a shop downtown

Or an upscale grocery store

And think I look so civilized,

Well I’m tellin’ you what, there’s more.

None of my friends could have a clue,

So normal I appear to be.

But I might as well fly in a UFO,

Life is strange as it can be.  When I’m . . . [chorus]



First I thought I might somehow get used to him

Asked myself how hard could it be.

But then he snarls his teeth and growls at everything.

Life’s become unbearable for me.  Cause I’m . . . [chorus]


Verse 3:

Well I can’t seem to tame him now

He’s ornery as can be.

Ain’t no room for the two of us

In a home with a family.

I told that bear he don’t belong

And he should go climb a tree.

He better get lost and find his way

And the forest is the place to be. 


But I’m…


We're Gettin' Saucy Tonight!


Chorus: (2x)

We're getting saucy tonight!

Saucy tonight!

There's gonna be a fight 

We're getting saucy tonight!


Verse 1:

We're gonna start drinkin'

There ain't be no thinkin'

My brain starts to shrinkin'

And we're doing it again 


Chorus, Solo 


Verse 2:

When you starts accusin'

It lights up my fusein'

We've been up all night boozin'

And it's such a surprise! 


Verse 3:

We stay up ‘til light

Though it ain’t really bright

The mornings really bite 

But we still party at night

Verse 4:

Who knew this could happen

We start to unwrapping’

My mouth starts to flappin’ 

Then I’m sleeping with the dog

Chorus, Solo, Chorus

Verse 5:

It’s like I just can’t win

I’m under the pin 

They say that it’s a sin 

And then we do it again



Him- “Pass me my party liquor woman!”

Her- “Why don’t you go pass out!”

We’re getting saucy tonight! 

Waltz Me Across the Floor


Won’t you waltz me across the floor some more,

Waltz me across the floor.

Squeeze me tight and don’t let go.

These are the times that I adore.

When you waltz me across the floor,

Waltz me across the floor.

Never want to let you go,

When you waltz me across the floor

Bobby’s Buying Tools Again 


Bobby’s buyin’ tools again

He’s preparing the best he can

For something that he don’t understand

He could build a brand new kitchen

Install or repair an engine

But this time he just might need more

Verse 1:

He’s got his hammers and his screwdrivers too

But somehow he don’t know just what to do

He goes back and buys some more

Stocking up on tools galore

If he don’t stop he’ll own a hardware store

Bridge 1:

Sure to be a brand new life

That’s comin’ around the bend

Try to keep from freaking out

Take a deep breath, It’ll work out in the end


Bobby’s buyin’ tools again

He’s preparing the best he can

For something that he don’t understand


Verse 2:

He built a tree house that has one too many rooms

A guard rail and a closet for the broom

The neighbor thinks he’s lost his mind

The poundin’ nails and the sawdust flyin’

Oh he’s just racin’ against time

Bridge 2:

Care free livin’ how it used to be

Playin’ around town, all the time was free

Future is impossible to see

Hope it doesn’t change too much

And gobble up his personality


Verse 3:

He see’s a million projects no one thought to do

His wife just sighs, the dog is wonderin’ too

Nothin’s gonna stop him now

An inch of snow and  he’s on the plow

He’s gonna make it through some how

Repeat Bridge 1


He’s goin’ back to the hardware store!



Look up at the stars in the evening

let their light shine and fall down on you.
We're all just a tiny existence

but alive now so enjoy the view.


Reflect take the time to discover

your potential and your talent too.

Good friends help to guide you along

let them remind you that you're not alone.



Life's short and there's so many questions

but we can't know all the answers or truths.

Be kind and keep things in perspective

and be thankful to be you.

From Paris to Poplar


It’s a long way from Paris to Poplar

Flyin’ that airplane over the ocean blue

It’s a long way from Paris to Poplar

 But it don’t give me the blues


Verse 1:

There ain’t no airplane in Poplar

The Richard Bong memorial has long been gone

All that ‘s left now is a marker

‘cause the plane moved out of town


Verse 2:

Paris has the famous Eiffel Tower

Poplar don’t have much more than a hardware store

Can’t find a baguette at the grocer

But that sweet gal of mine lives next door




Verse 3:

Paris folk they wear them fancy shoes

Designer fashions on display as they stroll about town

Poplar folk get by with what they’re wearin’

Long as they don’t freeze to death


Verse 4:

Notre Dame’s a historic cathedral

People come from the whole world round

just to walk through its’ doors

Poplar’s church has one review on Google

They gave five stars but didn’t write a word



But when it comes to cheese, that’s another topic

Both take it serious as hell

So many cheese shops you cant try them all

But I’d sure be a happy man if I died tryin’

I’m talkin’ bout dairy products, YEAH!




Cupola Criminals 

 Verse 1:

I had a couple of cupolas

Life was so sweet

Then a couple of guys in a late night time

Committed a cupola crime

 Verse 2:

In the morning what did I see

Oh it made me gasp

Just one lonely eight-foot cupola

And a great big stretch of grass


Oh, why oh why did they do it

Who would do a thing like that

Why did somebody steal it

I wish they’d bring it back

Verse 3: 

Policeman said what’s a cupola

Why would someone pick one up

I said check it out on craigslist

They sell for beaucoup bucks

 Verse 4:

Now I have just one cupola

I’m not sure what to do

I suppose I could try to sell it

But I’ll never again have two


Oh, why oh why did they do it

Was it really for the cash

How could somebody steal it

I wish they’d bring it back

I wish they’d bring it back

I wish they’d bring it back 

Paid in Time 


Verse 1:

Stuck workin’ all the day

‘cause you need to have a job that pays

But you never seem to have a lot of time


That boss is runnin’ you, keeps you

From the things you’d rather do

Gonna wear you out and

Rob you of your prime



Need a better way

Work too hard every day

Wish that all that money could buy time, so…


Why don’t we change the rules

Gotta stop being such doggone fools

Instead of earning money we’ll earn time



Slave for that money

It ain’t that funny

Seems like its always


If I had my way I’d make a change

If I were paid in time then I’d work all day!


Verse 2:

Some days you’re in a daze

Workin’ so hard it’s become a craze

Gonna lose your mind if you cannot unwind

Persuit of happiness has

Left you somewhere short of bliss

But the pay is good

You sacrificed your time


Repeat bridge and chorus


Solo, double chorus 

Sunshine, Water, Sand 

La,la-la, la-la 

La, la-la, la-la 


La,la-la, la-la 

La, la-la, la-la 


La,la-la, la-la 

La, la-la, la-la 

Lots of lovely sand!

It’s so good!

It’s so good!

It’s so good! 





Lyrics from our album “Cabin Fever” (2017)


Startin’ a Fire with You


Verse 1:

We split the logs and stack them high

Summer ain’t long and time can fly

We’ll get by

Winter or summer time


Verse 2:

When winter winds are blowing strong

We’re in the cabin all night long

Singing songs

Livin’ a dream for two



Sometimes we’re in the mood for dancing

Swinging all night

Taking our time and romancing

Sure feels right


Verse 3:

Stoke up the fire to keep us warm

We never mind when there’s a storm

We’re at home

Deep in the woods up North



Shovel the snow

Hear the wind blow

Wood piled up high

Lovin’ all night

Babe – I’m startin’ a fire with you

Ain’t Gonna, Don’t Wanna 

Verse 1:

Since I’ve been seeing you

The whole world seems to be brand new

Feet hardly touch the ground

Every time you come around

I’m happy as a fool 

Now that I’ve been lovin’ you


I don’t wanna’, I ain’t gonna

Be without you 

I ain’t gonna, I don’t wanna 

Be without you 

Verse 2:

My friends keep tellin’ me

I’m lucky as a guy can be

Feel like a lucky charm 

When I hold you in my arms 

Life was a mystery 

‘Til I found that you’re for me



Before I met you love 

I got pushed around

knocked to the ground

Life seemed to be so unfair

No girl would treat me right 

Night after night just cry and fight

And things would go nowhere

Verse 3:

But now I’m feeling’ fine

Hold you babe and share the wine

You mean the world to me 

And I’m lucky as a guy can be 

We always get along 

And so I wrote this little song 

Chorus, Solo, Repeat Verse 1, Chorus 


Cabin Song

Verse 1:

Pack your things and get out the door

We’re off to the cabin on the South Shore

We’ll hit the trail and before too long

Arrive at the cabin and sing our song



Now sing

The cabin song

When we’re at the cabin we can’t go wrong

Life is so easy with you out there

We’re having a great time



At the cabin with you

At the cabin with me

At the cabin we sing

What a lovely time it can be

(Accordion interlude)


Verse 2:

We’ll walk the beach on Superior’s shore

Soak up the sun and hear the waves roar

Forget the clock there’s no schedule here

Just light the candles when evening’s near


Bridge, Chorus, Solo


Verse 3:

No cares or worry, breathe the fresh air

We’ll count the stars and waltz to the wind

We’ve got the weekend and lots of time

Enjoy the moment it’s so sublime



Bridge, Chorus



South Shore Polka


Coffee Time

Verse 1:

When morning comes and

The birds are chirping in the trees

Open my eyes

To see what I can see

Another day

Thankful to be free

Roll out of bed…



I love coffee – in the morning time

Gonna drink that java

A cup, a cup, a cup a cup

I love coffee – and I’m feeling fine

I’m gonna drink that java


Verse 2:

Last night I stayed up late

And burned the candles low

Drank too much beer

Feeling rather slow

But now its time

To get back up to speed

Know what I need…






Some days when I start feeling

Lazy, Hazy

Out of focus, out of line

I reach out for that cup to

Wake me, save me

I won’t break down

When coffee’s around



Verse 3:

We all need fuel so we can

Do what must be done

Some days we work

Others we have fun

But there’s one think

I think you will agree

 That java’s sweet….


Chorus, Bridge, Chorus

We’ve Got the Time


Verse 1:

Saturday morning sitting on the couch

We’re just soaking up the java

Got my baby beside me, Feels so fine


Verse 2:

Ink Spots playing while the sun comes up

They really get us in the groove now

Swinging rhythm and songs we love so well



Worked all week and paid our dues

We gotta work it all the time

Seems nearly impossible to find the time but


Verse 3:

Somehow made it to the weekend now

We know just how we’re gonna spend it

Slow down just for a while we’ve got the time 




Verse 4:

So lets celebrate and have good times

You know we really do deserve it

In the moment with you

When time stands still



Twenty Something 

Verse 1:

Sat down to write a song

I got the words all wrong

Don’t know what to say today



Don’t need to preach the word

I guess it’s all been heard

You sit there and sing the blues

Bar tender pass the booze!


Want to take you where you’ll see

 Good times never leave

Always thought the best in life was free


Verse 2::

Saddle up baby…

Oh, lets ride along

Take in all the pubs in town

Hang loose and shake it around


I’m not feeling the blues

Got you and nothing to lose

Love you every night and day

Our love won’t fade away



Want to take you where you’ll see

 Good times never leave

Always thought the best in life was free

Lawrence Welk Frenzy


Fizzy Yellow Beer 


Verse 1:

I heard a country song today

While I was passing on my way

A modern song of much acclaim or so they say

It seemed that every single word

Was either worthless or absurd

I couldn’t get away so this is what I heard


Verse 2:

An over processed, synthesized,

Auto tune vocal cliché line

A sound so horrible I couldn’t turn away

With lines like ‘this is how we roll’

And ‘shooting bullets at the moon’

If old Hank Williams heard he’d roll right in his grave


They sing about trucks

And girls in tight fitting jeans

They’re patriotic and psychotic all the same

They go to church and learn to pray

And vote against you if you’re gay

They think the best in life is fizzy yellow beer




Verse 3:

 The Country Music Hall of Fame

Should be embarrassed it’s a shame

To hear what passes for a country song today

The singers fake a country twang

Put on a cowboy hat and sang

With help from Pro Tools

They can be the next big thang



Verse 4:

The kids who grow up with this mess

Will think it’s new and it’s the best 

But they will never hear a real country song

It will continue to devolve and mutate further ‘till at last

It sounds just like an 80’s music acid trip


Chorus 2x

Park Point Carousel Waltz 


Pickle in Your Boot


Verse 1: 

Have you heard it said

Did it ring in your head

You better watch your step or you’ll wind up dead

Not a foot in your shoe

Never sniffed no glue

But something’s gone wrong I’m telling you well



Feet walking and girls all talking

Bout the way you step in your fancy suit

I heard a nasty rumor that your brain’s kapoot

Got a pickle in your boot



You were walkin’ home late one night

When a pickle jumped out causing you a fright.

He said

“I don’t care about the money or loot

I just need a place to hide in your big brown boot”

Verse 2:

Alright but then what do you do

When you want to go walk and he’s telling you

“I ain’t getting out of your god damn shoe

You’d better find another pair that’s good for you’ 

Never flinch when a pickle acts tough

They can look pretty mean all green and rought

You need to scare him off

I’ll tell you what you do,

Eat a kosher or two.



You were walkin’ home late one night

When a pickle jumped out causing you a fright.

He said

“I don’t care about the money or loot

I just need a place to hide in your big brown boot” Well,



Feet walking and girls all talking

Bout the way you step in your fancy suit

I heard a nasty rumor that your brain’s kapoot

Got a pickle in your boot



Verse 1 repeat:

Have you heard it said

Did it ring in your head

You better watch your step or you’ll wind up dead

Not a foot in your shoe

Never sniffed no glue

But something’s gone wrong I’m telling you well



Feet walking and girls all talking

Bout the way you step in your fancy suit

I heard a nasty rumor that your brain’s kapoot

Got a pickle in your boot


Dream Time Polka


I Think I’ll Have a Brown


Verse 1:

Just drove home from Winnipeg

The porch is beckoning

My baby says, “what’ll it be?”

Oh mercy let me think.


So many possibilities,

Sittin’ all around.

There’s a chill in the air

And it won’t be long

I can’t wait to put the flannel bedding on.



I think I’ll have a brown

Don’t get me wrong,

I really like the IPA

The ESB is A-OK

I think I’ll have a brown,

Summer’s getting on,

And I’m sittin’ with my sweetheart,

Watching the sun go down,

I think I’ll have a brown.


Verse 2:

Friday night, the pizza’s here,

Best day of the week,

It’s time for happy hour,

It’s time to kick our feet.


One day soon we’ll need to fire

That woodstove up again.

There’s a chill in the air,

And it won’t be long,

I can’t wait to put the flannel bedding on.






Why don’t we go see Chloe

Why don’t we go see Chloe

She’s out there lookin’ so lonely

So why don’t we go see Chloe


 Verse 1:

We’re sitting here just filling up on coffee and tea

We drank so much my bladder’s full

I think I need to take a walk and

Chorus, Solo


Verse 2:

We drank up all the beer we had, my heads full of fizz.

But now my eyes are floating and I think its time to take a look and


Chorus, Solo


Verse 3:

If I don’t get to visit her I think I’ll explode

It’s getting very urgent now I really need to hit the road so