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We are excited to announce a double release of our Christmas EP “At Christmas Time” and our children’s book “Livin’ with a Bear”. The book is based on the song of the same name from our second album “Livin’ for Today.” (Illustrated by Jimi Cooper). The Christmas EP features six songs including 3 original Christmas songs by Dance Attic. Four if you count our lyrical rewrite “The Twelve Beers of Christmas.”

The book and the Christmas EP are $10 each and can be delivered by mail by request.

Both are available for purchase by contacting us HERE or at our show on November 28th at Earth Rider Brewing Co. (Event details here)

“Livin’ for Today” 2020 release

"Cabin Fever" - 2017 Debut album.

$15 each or two for $20.

Also available on Click here

Shirts $15

Bumper stickers $1 each