11/25 Christmas Tree Train, Knife River Depot 10-12:00, Knife River, MN

12/8 Cedar Lounge, Superior, WI 5-8:00

12/14 Bent Paddle Brewing Co, Duluth, MN 6:00

12/20 Sir Benedicts Tavern, Duluth, MN, 5-7:00

2/16 Sir Bens, 6-8:00, Duluth, MN

We released our second album “Livin’ for Today” in July 2020! And our Dance Attic Christmas Special was released as a music video on youtube and is also available on iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify etc. enjoy! 


Pick up a copys of our albums at any of our upcoming shows! Or simply email us and we'll be happy to mail a copy to you. Seencontact page for details. 

It is also available at  Wussow’s Concert Cafe.